Visual and Fine Arts Major 

Concentration in Photography

"Hey y'all, my name is Brenna! I'm graduating this semester with my degree in Visual & Fine Arts, with a concentration in Photography, but I love working with a variety of mediums! The last three and a half years at Jessup have been full of adventures, a TON of coffee, and I’ve met some of the most valuable people in my life! I couldn’t have made it happen without the endless support of my family, closest friends, the love of my life, and a whole lot of Jesus. After graduation, I plan to continue to build my photography portfolio and make a career out of my passion for it, get married in the next year or so (yay!!), and move out of California to Alaska! I am so excited to start this next chapter of my life, and see what the Lord has in store for me!"

Instagram: @advntrous.soul


Visual and Fine Arts Major 

Concentration in Photography

"I've always loved movies and video making since I was a kid. For the past six years, I've strived to provide great storytelling through the medium of video and photo! I'm thankful for the things I have learned through Jessup and the people I have met. Find me online, where I will continue to create, for myself or others. Narrative/art/music, weddings, commercials; the sky is the limit! 

God bless," 

-Aydan Perez

Instagram: @aydanperezmedia

Youtube: @aydanperezmedia