In All the Little Moments
Athena Lindbeck

For my art piece I wanted to show what peace means to me. I often find peace in the little moments, in which I created a collection of these types of moments throughout my video. I hope you enjoy!
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World in Grey
Bryce Alley & Zachary Riner
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A Peace of Lego
Marc Robertson
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Art Show Demo Reel
Hannah McFadden
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2020 Through My Eyes
Teresa Faber
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Borrowed Time
Donnie Hedrick
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Jesus' Prayer Over Us
Sofiya Ryzak
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In the Belly of a Whale
Vanessa Aguero
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Brady Sossaman - (I See) You MUSIC VIDEO
Aydan Perez
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The Helpless
Eli Freeman
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Life as We Know It
Director & Choreographer: Emily Wilxcox

Ryan Zang, Alana Van Der Stad, Alessa Xiomara, Gwennie Hobbs, Kalia Miner, Reagan Halstead, Payton Flhor, Inanna Bet-Alkhas, Ashlyn Brown, Lili Horton, Hallie Combs, Aria Derryberry, Kylie Wilson, Allison Rios, Megan Watts
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