Visual and Fine Arts Major 

Concentration in Photography

Photography is so much more than centering something in the frame. I want my art to be a vessel for others’ emotions and experiences through storytelling. My photography should express other people’s feelings when they feel they cannot. I allow it to be raw and unfiltered yet stand on biblical principles.


My plan for after graduation is to apply for a law enforcement position, most likely a Sheriff's position. In addition to that, I want to coach youth soccer and develop talented kids.

Instagram: @romig_photography


Psychology Major

Double Minor in Bible/Theology and Visual Arts

Kayla Farlow, graduating with a major in Psych and double minor in Art and Theology. I am counting down the days until I become Mrs. Regan :) I am taking a gap year after graduating to work in the mental health field as well as work at my church before my (future) husband and I will pursue our degrees. We will be married in November and then we will settle into married life, pursue higher education and start our family! I will be pursuing my Master's degree in Social Work to work with children and families. I am excited to see what God has in store for us as we continue to work for the Kingdom and live to give Him glory!


Psychology Major

Minor in Public Policy

My name is Christion Seymour, I am a graduating senior in the art department. Although I am not a creative arts major I have had the privilege of being able to participate in the art department, and art show every year since my time as a freshman here at Jessup. I am currently finishing a bachelor's degree in psychology and a minor in public policy. The medium that I use for my artwork is aluminum foil, I love creating sculptures out of it because it is an extremely malleable yet fragile material. I believe that aluminum foil does an elegant job of representing the adaptability, creativity, and fragility of human beings living in an ever changing world. After graduation I intend on seeking a career with either local, or federal law enforcement that will provide me with the chance to put my knowledge of psychology, and my policy skills to use. I will always look back on my time at Jessup, and the creative arts department with warm memories. In some small way it's like I'm leaving a part of my heart on campus.